is a simple to use exercise
 tool for shoulder rehabilitation that increases range of motion in arms and
 shoulder. Dual overhead pulley offers extra stability and can be used with
 weights on one handle to counterbalance the strength of the opposite arm or shoulder.
 Overhead system allows more free range-of-motion patterns, is a door mounted
 exercise tool that provides an effective platform for resistance exercise that
 increases range of motion in the upper body, arms and shoulder.It is designed
 with rehabilitation (post-surgery or when recovering from an injury), mobility
 and prevention in mind. This exercise tool makes it ideal for situations when
 space is limited or when wall space cannot be used for attaching equipment.

Benefits & Features

The low-impact workout will give excellent
 results for those suffering from:
   Frozen shoulder
   Rotator cuff surgery
   Shoulder tendonitis
   Shoulder impingement


Overhead Pulley