The Kinisiforo Hospital Unit operates through
 symmetrical elliptical motion whilst simultaneously exercises the upper and
 lower limbs as well as the trunk muscles. Exercise is active and passive,
 which together with a mechanical counterweight control adjusts accurately the
 intensity of the exercise at each drive
 cycle. Also Kinisiforo is equipped with a display which shows
 virtual video and has sound that helps the automation learning of motion.

Benefits & Features

 weight adjustment to the legs through a system called counterweight.
 height and length of the step as well as width independently at each extremity.
 Can be
 adjusted in case of drop foot, Unequal length, internal or external foot
 rotation, knee or hip deformities.
 able to
 work passively and actively simultaneously.
 of forward and backward movement.
Special feature; in case of spasticity, Kinisiforo enters
 into a freewheel mode therefore providing the Maximum Possible Workout


Kinisiforo Hospital Unit