Gym balls, resistance bands, and exercise mats are useful
 tools to help with low impact exercise. Whether your exercise routine is
 required for rehabilitation or driven by a physiotherapist, we have the
 equipment to suit your needs.

Benefits & Features

What are the benefits of exercise balls, bands and mats?


Exercise balls, bands and mats can be used at home and there
 are different sizes and resistances available for various abilities.


With roll-up mats and inflatable balls, these physiotherapy
 exercise aids are compact so they are easy to store and transport.


What exercise balls, bands and mats do you offer?


Mats : mats provide a comfortable and slip-resistant surface
 that is ideal for general exercise or physiotherapy. They can be rolled up for
 easy storage.


Resistance bands : resistance exercise bands can be used for
 a variety of exercises to help tone muscles and build up strength. They are
 supplied in multiple resistances with corresponding colours.


Balls and rolls : body balls, gym balls and physio rolls are
 a fun way to improve your balance, strength and co-ordination. Their
 slip-resistant surfaces increase your stability and encourage confidence when
 performing exercises on the exercise ball. To inflate the balls and rolls, a
 hand pump is available separately.

Bands And Mats