A homecare bed  is a bed
 specifically designed for patients staying at home or other people who need
 care. These beds have special features for the comfort and well-being of the
 patient and for the comfort of caregivers. Key features include the adjustable
 height of the entire bed, head and foot rests, side rails and electronic
 buttons to operate the bed and other electronic devices located nearby.

Benefits & Features

 care bed is designed to help those with severe or critical needs to stay as
 healthy and as comfortable as they can be in bed, helping them relax and get a
 good night's sleep. With electric backrest, legrest and high-low height
 adjustment, our homecare beds ease access and transfers as well as supporting
 mobility and nursing care. Home care hospital beds for the disabled are
 suitable for use in domestic or residential care home environments. 

Homecare Beds