A first aid kit is a box, bag or pack that
 holds supplies used to treat minor injuries including cuts, scrapes, burns,
 bruises, and sprains. More elaborate first aid kits can also include survival
 supplies, life-saving emergency supplies or convenience items like bug sting
 wipes or cold & flu medicines. 
Individuals who want to
 prepare for medical emergencies or if they have an injury will want to have the
 first aid supplies ready to use.


Benefits & Features

Having a first aid kit on site inspires
 confidence in everyone in the office.
Your employees can go on with their work
 without worrying about your ability to respond to an injury or a medical
 emergency.In addition to having a first aid kit, you can earn the confidence of
 your employees by:
Offering first aid training to everyone as part
 of their safety training. This way, everyone learns the basics of responding to
 different emergencies.
Having a few people receive extensive first aid
 training and certification. This way, workers are confident of receiving the
 best emergency care possible as they wait for medical professionals.
Customising the first aid kit to your needs.
 also ; A good first aid kit will have a selection of medication to help you
 respond to different situations. A kit should have both
preventative and remedial
 medication, such as:
Pain relief medication
Antacid tablets
Cold relief medication
Antihistamine liquid or tablets
An EpiPen
Alcohol wipes
 cream or ointment


First Aid Box