is a
 sofa with a built-in headrest and footrest that recline with the push of a


Unlike a manual reclining
 sofa, electrical couch excel in ease of use and luxurious comfort. The
 motorized reclining system allows for a swift transition from seated to

Benefits & Features

We're so busy these days, so when we come home we want to feel pampered. The ability to just push a button and be reclined on a sofa is what sets power sofas apart." A power sofa is for the person who wants to come home and instantly be transported into relaxation with the touch of the button. It's for the person who likes a little luxury in their life. And if you have a home movie theater, a power reclining sofa would be a welcome and fitting addition.
Besides the comfort level, we points out that "it's beneficial for your circulation to rest with your legs up." Because these sofas are geared towards comfort, they tend to be deeper and cozier frames. But you have to love the style.

also , "They usually run a little more contemporary style-wise. People generally want a sleeker look with a motorized system." If you prefer a more traditional approach to style, a power sofa may not be for you .

Electrical Couch