Hydrotherapy, also known as Aquatic Therapy, focuses on treatments and exercises that are performed in water. Hydrotherapy is ideal for patients with physical or mental disabilities, as well as in cases of injuries, due to the weightlessness of the body in combination with heated water. As a result, hydrotherapy is an excellent method for enhancing the rehabilitation process and improving quality of life.

Benefits & Features

Movable swimming pool floor

Change the depth of your pool quickly and easily. The movable swimming pool floor also improves accessibility for wheelchair users.

Modular pool

A standalone pool for existing or new construction. Installation is quick and simple. A movable floor, windows, and an underwater treadmill are all options.

Underwater treadmill

Stationary walking workouts with little joint impact. The depth of the pool can be adjusted as needed when combined with a movable swimming pool floor.

Hydrotherapy Equipment