Hydrocollator Packs are a combination of
 bentonite clay and other natural fillings. These bentonite clay packs applied
 externally are used to alleviate inflammatory pain, joint pain, arthritis,
 congestion, bruised tissue, and strains. They prepare tense areas for deep
 tissue, reduce muscle spasm, and are very therapeutic following muscle soreness
 from physical activity.

Benefits & Features

Hydrocollator packs are more effective for
 treating pain than electrical pads because moist heat relaxes muscles and
 nerves without drawing up moisture from the skin, so the affected area stays
 hydrated   this is important for a faster healing process. Hydrocollator packs
 increase blood flow by enlarging blood vessels below the surface relaxing the
 tissue, decreasing pain, and stimulating the healing process. Increasing
 circulation and relaxing muscles are not only helpful before a massage, but
 it s also very beneficial before chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy,
 and therapeutic exercises as well. Athletes with chronic pain or overuse
 injuries may use this heat therapy before exercise to increase the elasticity
 of joint connective tissues and to stimulate blood flow. 

Hydrocollator And Hot Packs