is a
 type of exercise equipment used in weight training. Specifically, dumbbells are
 weights used without exercise machines. Dumbbells are sometimes also called
 hand weights and free weights those used  free  of such equipment. Most
 dumbbells are designed with a narrow bar in the middle and two wider discs at
 each end. Some dumbbells are very light in weight (only a few pounds) while
 others are very heavy (50 pounds or more). They can be fixed in weight or
 variable. Specifically, dumbbells can vary in weight due to discs that can be
 added or removed from the bar by quantity and size (weight). In addition, dumbbells
 can be used individually (a dumbbell in one hand) or in pairs (one in each

Benefits & Features

 are very useful for strengthening muscles; in particular, for concentrating on
 specific muscles for each type of exercise.


 dumbbells are simple devices for lifting weights when compared to the
 complicated machines and devices used in the modern-day gymnasiums and weight
 rooms, the dumbbell is considered by sports enthusiasts and sports researchers
 alike as one of the most effective ways to strengthen muscles and produce a
 powerful and muscular body.


 Jan Todd, a professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Education at
 the University of Texas (Austin), teaches classes in sports history. Todd, the
 author of From Milo to Milo: A History of Dumbbells, Barbells, and Indian Clubs
 (and a former world-class power-lifter and member of the International
 Powerlifting Hall of Fame), states:  Almost all sports scientists consider them
 [dumbbells and barbells] superior to machines for building athletic power. 

Dumbbells And Weights