Medical scales are used by doctors, nurses and
 other healthcare providers to determine the weight of patients, materials, and
 medical waste. Medical scales are professional-grade devices that measure
 weight and other data points such as Body Mass Index. Many scales have a height
 rod to conveniently measure height while on the scale.

Benefits & Features

Medical scales serve multiple
 purposes as well such as measuring full-body data points like body mass index.
 This helps doctors to understand patients  present body condition regarding fat
 and muscular weight. Maintaining proper body weight is extremely vital for
 overall health to avoid multiple diseases. Overweight and obesity in the
 population could lead to multiple health complications and increase the chances
 of fatality.  A medical scale helps patients to improve present body
 conditions by providing all information and data regarding their own body using
 which they can assess changes and curate future decisions regarding weight
 loss, mass gain, or for other purposes accordingly.

Medical Scales