ICU Beds are special hospital beds designed for
 ICUs to take care of critical patients.  ICU Beds combine smart ergonomics
 with advanced technology and intuitive operation. ICU beds, thus, provide both
 safety and comfort to patients and caregivers alike. We offer ICU
 Electrical Beds and Mechanical ICU Beds. The caregivers can tilt the ICU bed
 and can also adjust the height. Intensive Care Units of hospitals, all over the
 world use  ICU beds.

Benefits & Features

  • Electrically operated with Remote control, Backrest (0 - 77 ), Footrest (0-35 ), Height adjustment, Trendelenburg Tilting (0-18  ), and Reverse Trendelenburg (0-18 )
  • Fowler and vascular positions, Manual Knee Mechanism with Three positions
  • Size: L 2285mmXW975mmX H (490mm-890 mm). Bed Extension L 180 mm.
  • Epoxy powder-coated Framework with X-ray permeable Backrest, the X-ray cassette holder.
  • All functions are controlled with Linak (Denmark) power device.
  • Control Panel - Remote control unit / Nurse control panel which can lock Patient remote control usage
  • Electronic CPR with Nurse control panel, Manual CPR -with handles on both sides of backrest (for the flat position of bed backrest for emergency)
  • Removable fixed head/foot boards with plastic protection bumpers ( dia 90 mm) made from Aluminium and HPL material
  • Foldable Side rails made from Aluminium and HPL material
  • 360  movable castors with central locking (150 mm), 5th CASTOR for easy movement of bed (125 mm).
  • Emergency battery backup.
  • Belt hook, accessories slots, urine bag holder, Height adjustable IV pole- 2 hooks.
  • Weighting scale for measuring the weight of the patient (0-250 Kgs), Tare Function, graduation 100 grams, Alarm for patient's imbalance, activation button.

ICU Beds