A glucometer is a portable
 tool a person can use to measure and monitor his blood sugar, or glucose,
 levels. Glucometers are used by diabetes patients, as they allow them to keep
 track of their blood sugar levels at home or from any other location. A
 glucometer provides results right away, letting the diabetes patient know
 whether his glucose level is higher than desired, lower than expected, or
 within an acceptable range of levels. It can help a patient decide when to take
 steps his doctor has recommended for controlling his blood sugar. It can also
 help him to give his doctor important information about the efficiency of his
 current treatment.

Benefits & Features

 are different types of glucometers, but they all perform the same job. A
 glucometer is often sold in a kit that contains everything the patient needs to
 measure his blood sugar. Typically, these kits contain lancets, which are tiny
 needles used to prick the patient s skin and produce a drop of blood. The kits
 also contain special test strips for use in testing blood and measuring its
 glucose level.

most glucometers require patients to prick their fingers in
 order to get a reading. Pricking the fingers may sting or hurt, however, as
 this area can be very sensitive. Some glucometers allow the patient to prick
 another part of the body, such as his arm, instead.